Neue Schule releases poll pressure guide for bits

Poll pressure study
The bit manufacturer Neue Schule has conducted a study to measure how much poll pressure each of their bits exerts. Click on the image to access the study.

There’s been a lot of debate over whether a baucher bit exerts pressure on a horse’s poll. I’ve written about it before. But I still hear people claim that they like the bit because of the poll pressure.

Baucher snaffle with a french link mouthpiece.
Baucher snaffle with a french link mouthpiece.

Now, the bit company Neue Schule had done a study that shows something surprising: Not only does the baucher not exert pressure on the poll, it actually relieves it! That’s just one of the findings in a recent study conducted by the Neue Schule team to answer a key question posed by the company founder and bitting guru, Heather Hyde — namely, how much poll pressure each bit in the Neue Schule range produces, according to cheek type.

The results are, in some instances, straight forward and in others help to resolve longstanding debates.

“These results actually didn’t surprise us at all because there is no lever in this bit and therefore it cannot apply any poll pressure,” Neue Schule manager of research Caroline Beniost told Horse & Hound.

“We actually presented this data at the International Society for Equitation Science in Saumur, France, in June and it was very well received there. We just wanted to end the debate on this one once and for all.

-Horse & Hound Magazine

Extensive tests were carried out by the Neue Schule team using two sensors – one applied to the cheek piece, the other to the rein.

The recorded tension was transmitted to a central computer and a rating was calculated to show how much poll pressure each type of bit created.

“The research culminated in some surprises, as well as reiterating many of our suspicions,” said Heather Hyde, Neue Schule’s founder. “It will be a great tool to dispel some of the long-standing misconceptions surrounding the action of bits.”

2 thoughts on “Neue Schule releases poll pressure guide for bits

  1. OK, So if there are bits for poll pressure, what bit do you recommend for bringing a horses head UP? I know what i use, and works well, but sometimes, if you have a horse with a neck that is low, you need to keep thier head up. Recommendations?

    1. Generally a gag will help bring a horse’s head by increasing pressure on the corners of the lips. Some people also like a Dr. Bristol. I haven’t tried that.

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