Race Horses and SI Issues

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This is a very interesting article that talks about some of the issues that ex-racehorses can face. Not all injuries are career ending, but racing certainly takes its toll. This is a great read for someone interested in OTTBs. Read the article by clicking on the photo.
Freedom when I first got him
When I first got Freedom he had no muscle. Look at that skinny neck! He didn’t thrive in his first non-racing home which is why he ended up at my barn.

Freedom has been remarkably sound over the 12 years that I’ve owned him. Yes, I brought him home in early 2005, thinking that I would foster him for just a few months. He was a skinny, nervous horse that didn’t have much idea of how to be a riding horse.

Freedom came off the track with an apical sesamoid fracture that had been rehabbed. However, it turns out that SI pain is pretty typical for racehorses.

This problem really is the number one [issue], as every ex-racehorse has damage to the ligaments in this area.

Here is Freedom's CANTER listing. He looked a lot more like himself here.
Here is Freedom’s CANTER listing. He looked a lot more like himself — in better weight and muscled up.

The fact that Freedom showed no SI problems until last year is impressive. As a TB he’s officially now 19 and it’s very possible that he’s having some other joint pain as well. Overall he’s quite a balanced horse who has managed to use his body correctly and keep himself sound. He had 28 starts as a racehorse, retiring when he was six.

We haven’t given up. In between the snowflakes I’m still working on conditioning for both mind and body, waiting until the footing is good enough for the next lameness exam and hoping he’ll feel better in the spring.

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    1. He had an apical sesamid fracture. From what I understand, that is one of the least serious kinds of fractures. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about the rehab. His racing owners rehabbed him completely before they put him up for adoption. He was actually cleared to race again but they chose to retire him. Luckily he never had any ill effects from the injury.

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