Who wears it better?

Zelda in her fly sheet.
As part of my effort to keep the horses comfortable in fly season, they got new sheets. These are Dura-mesh sheets from Schneider’s Saddlery. I used to live down the street from that store and they have good products at fair prices. I like the textaline sheets. they are more durable than a lot of fly sheets, important for my two.


Freedom in his fly sheet.
So, which horse wears it better? Thank goodness they’re not self conscious about wearing the same colors!

4 thoughts on “Who wears it better?

  1. Both of them wear it well, but I’m a bit (a LOT) biased here: I love Zelda with all my heart (I think she might be my spirit animal …) and I just think her darker coat harmonizes better with the lovely blue shaded tartan.

  2. I think Z wears it better, the blue looks good on her, with the black coat and all, however, It doesn’t look bad on the chestnut either, but better on Z(:

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