Hide and Seek

While Freedom always wants to go out for a ride, Zelda can sometimes be a bit difficult to catch. Those are the days I rue the size of her pasture, especially after I’ve walked back and forth several times. Of course, giving up isn’t an option: she can never think that she’s gotten out of work just because she wanted to!

On this particular day, our game of tag had gone on for several round trips. I was thinking of turning on MapMyRun just so I knew how far I’d walked. But the funniest part was when she ran to the bottom of the field and then hid behind a tree. Based on her expression, I’m pretty sure that she thought I couldn’t see her there. Funny girl. She has no idea of her size!

Zelda hiding
Zelda thinks she’s hidden behind the tree. She was quite surprised that I “found” her so easilty.

2 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

  1. That is very cute!! I have my warmblood mare that will run for the hills when I hitch up the trailer to the Yukon. She knows we are going somewhere!!!

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