What’s in your Pocket?

My pockets are full of hay. And mint wrappers. And half eaten candy canes. And the occasional half of an alfalfa cube. They mark me as a  horse owner.

I have to quarantine my barn clothes because it’s dangerous for me to reach into a pocket and embarrassing to see the trail of detritus that follows me like breadcrumbs.

What about you? What’s in your pockets?

6 thoughts on “What’s in your Pocket?

  1. I heard that last bit in a Gollum voice “Whats it gots in it’s pocketsesssss” LOL! Usually sugar cubes, whole peanuts, and sometimes a steel mane comb or debit card I forgot in there too…

    1. That’s so funny! I love the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I’ve never reached into my pocket and found the one ring to rule them all.

  2. Always sugar, usually a truck key, the odd bit of hay and shavings, sometimes my phone, a few dollars ( always threatening to leave), a receipt or two, dog hair!😁

    1. Money? You are actually able to hold onto $$? You are in better shape than I am. My best source of money is the laundry machine where I reclaim the dollars that I gave to my kids.

  3. Grain, peppermint wrappers, candy crumbs, a rubber band or two, a pen, scraps of papers and/or receipts, and just yesterday a piece of bloody horse tooth the dentist left in the mud.

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