If you had $53 million to spend on your horses . . .

All the Queen's Horses

What would you buy?

That’s how much Rita Crundwell embezzled from the town of Dixon, Illinois over the 23 years she worked as the town’s comptroller. By day she was a civil servant. On her own time, she used that money to build a fantasy lifestyle replete with champion quarter horses, custom made saddles and lavish homes.

All the Queen’s Horses — now available on Vudu — traces Rita’s deception and how her fraud was eventually discovered. The scary part? If she’d slowed down her spending or quite a bit earlier, she might never have been caught.

Of course, the dead giveaway was that her co-workers thought her fancy horses were supporting her lifestyle. We, of course, know better. How do you make a million bucks as a horse breeder? Start with two million.

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