It’s Turtle Time

Turtle Time

Buoyed by my successful 15 minute ride in the ring on Friday, I went on a short hack on Saturday. It was another beautiful, warm day. Not to be missed after this miserable winter. I wanted to feel the warm wind on my face and check out the newly budding trees.

It’s fun to see Zelda from this perspective. She enjoyed her walk in the country

I loaned Zelda to Curly’s owner and we set off. My knees and ankles are still not thrilled by the riding position. My physical therapist says it will get better, so I’m pushing through it. I may need to break my dressage saddle out of retirement so that I can ride with a longer leg.

Zelda marched out with purpose and I was glad to be on Curly who doesn’t have a competitive bone in her body. She was content to mosey along at her own speed.

Turtle Time
Zelda is in the photo for scale. That’s a big turtle.

One of the fun things we saw on the ride was a large snapping turtle laying her eggs. Our old barn was right next to a pond and we frequently saw painted turtles in the pasture, but this turtle was an order of magnitude larger. Zelda wasn’t sure she wanted to get close to her; probably smart because those snappers can bite a stick in half like butter.

It was great to be back out on these trails. They are one of the most beautiful places to ride, especially now that the spring flowers are finally starting to bloom.

I will admit though, that by the end of the ride I had to position Curly so that I could dismount onto slight hill. Even then, my legs were complaining. Who says riding doesn’t use any muscles?

Spring flowers



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    1. Yes, I’m very lucky! I won’t be riding either of my two until my new 3-step mounting block arrives which should give me the chance to have a couple more rides under my belt.

  1. Glad you’re out riding, but damn, that is a giant turtle! We don’t have snapping turtles here, and I think I’m happy about that!

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