After the Rain

After the Rain

The weather here has been dramatic. Today there were tornado watches, flood warnings and torrential rains. There have also been beautiful rainbows and episodes of brilliant sunshine.

rainbowAfter tonight’s rainbow, Freedom and I had a lovely ride in the late afternoon light with fluffy purple clouds behind us. Thankfully the deer flies took the evening off. They’ve been particularly vicious this year, which makes it difficult to ride for long.

Freedom appreciated the cooler temperatures and the lack of biting bugs. He felt quite sound today, too!


2 thoughts on “After the Rain

  1. Send some rain to Denmark. We have not seen good rain since April. Every evening we have to soak the horses feet in water to prevent them from cracking.

  2. I’ve read about the drought. It sounds terrible. I’ve never heard of having to soak your horse’s hooves. That’s quite extreme. It’s been very hot and humid here and the thunderstorms are intense. Will try to direct them your direction. The best part has been the rainbows.

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