Drop that Sword!

Drop that sword

As someone who has ridden in several reenactments, I can only say this is my worst nightmare. You never really know what your horse will do when faced with a crowd. For several years, dressed as Capt. William Smith, I “roused” the Lincoln Minute Men as part of the Patriot’s Day celebrations. I can still remember how my gallant Trakehner gelding would stand at the top of the hill, practically asking me if I was really sure I wanted to do this, before putting on a performance. One year the crowd pressed in so close that I was afraid an errant hoof might hurt one of the children, who, in their eagerness, had no sense for the danger of surrounding a horse.

This poor fellow did a great job of sticking the bucks. I certainly would have dropped the sword, sure I would impale myself. My only question remains, what type of giant hole did they jump into?

2 thoughts on “Drop that Sword!

  1. This is a wild video. The spurs probably didn’t help the situation much, either. Where DID they go? You need to post a picture of you in a reenactment! Down here in Maryland, we get a lot of civil war reenactors and those horses put up with a lot of commotion.

  2. The embedded video won’t work for me. Can you send me the link to the original? Interested to see it!

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