Coming alive on the page

I have always wished that I could draw well. Although both my mother is an artist, and her father was a commercial artist, that particular gene didn’t get passed along to me. Watching someone who knows what they are doing draw, is magical. The horse in this video looks like he’s ready to trot off the page. And he’s such a magnificent horse, too. Powerful, built up hill, a fabulous mover.

I drew horses constantly as a child. Mostly of horses’ heads as those were easier than their bodies. Behold, below, one of my efforts. Okay, I was probably five or younger when I drew this, but it’s fairly representative of my lack of talent.

Early horse drawing
I recently came across this drawing. I was probably about five when I made it. Okay, so my artistic talent hasn’t improved much since then, but it definitely shows that I have always loved horses!

How about you? Are you an artist? Send me your photos and I’ll post them on Equine Ink!


One thought on “Coming alive on the page

  1. I’m not an artist, but…I too drew horses as a child, and that is truly the only thing I can draw with any accuracy. But after reading “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, by Betty Edwards, I CAN copy a drawing, or a picture with fairly good results. Do get the book. It’s great. It’s EASY. It is based on the concept that we…especially us writers…are very left brained. The left brain is the executive of the body, running things like bodily actions such as using a scissors or cooking a meal, balancing your check book, and even remembering which is inside and which is outside when you’re riding. (something I”m STILL trying to grasp). The right side of the brain is the earth mother flower child who is creative and arty, sensitive, emotional, in touch with her inner child and couldn’t do math to save her soul. In order to draw, you have to shut the Left brain up and allow the right brain to express herself. And you do that by: turning the picture you want to copy upside down. yes. It befuddles the shit out of the left brain and allows the right to work.
    Do get the book. It eventually teaches you to turn the picture right side up, but it also teaches you to draw what you see!

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