Brave Zelda

Geese on the loose

Although a small flock of wild turkeys sent Miss Zelda into a state of shock, apparently geese are not in the same league. We passed a multitude of geese in both directions. Even though a few took flight, she didn’t bat an eyelash.

It makes you wonder exactly why things that look equally scary to us, are totally different to horses.

Take the deer, for example. A small herd was grazing downhill from the ring last week. When Freedom saw them, I thought he’d learned how to levitate. That exact same family group was grazing in his pasture this evening when I went to feed. But somehow, they aren’t scary if he’s not being ridden.

Or the small wooden coop that is protecting a shrub near the driveway. It’s terrifying when we are riding in one direction, and a non-issue in the other.

Horses. You can’t figure out what they are thinking and maybe, that’s a good thing.

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