Oliver Townend and Cooly Master Class Take the Lead after Dressage in Kentucky

Cooly Master Class

Last year’s winners, Oliver Townend and Cooly Master Class had a fabulous test today, springing four points into the lead with a final score of  24.1. I had the chance to watch a few of the tests today, and many of those riders were sitting on powder kegs. I was quite impressed they kept their horses steady and under control (if not always tension free) during their tests. Not the case with “Coolio” whom Townend described as nearly falling asleep.

“I could have done with a little more of a gust up his backside at times, but it doesn’t seem to affect him,” he said with a smile. “He’s obviously used to being in the peeing down rain and the freezing cold conditions from January to March [in England], so it makes no odds to him, but I’m glad it wasn’t any warmer for him. That wouldn’t have helped.

It’s nice to come in and not have to worry about him boiling over. It’s more about worrying keeping him going and getting him to the end without me sweating too much, but he’s done a good job.” (Chronicle of the Horse)

Piggy French, riding Quarrycrest Echo, are sitting in second place with 27.1. Boyd Martin is in third place  with a 27.9 after his test with Tsetserleg, a 12-year-old U.S.-bred Trakehner gelding.

The weather in Lexington tomorrow will be partly sunny and 65. A huge improvement over years when it’s pelting down with rain. I hope it makes for

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Current top 25 going into XC.

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