Oliver Townend Leads Badminton Dressage After First Day

Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials

Fresh off his win at the Land Rover Kentucky Rolex event, Oliver Townend is again sitting in first place after the first day of Dressage at the Badminton Horse Trials on his first ride, Cillnabradden Evo. The two logged an incredible 19.7 — the lowest score in Badminton history and a personal best for both rider and horse.

Oliver Towned breaks record
Oliver Townend set a new record for the event –19.7 — on his first ride, Cillnabradden Evo. Watch them on demand on the Badminton website.

Luckily, you can watch the ride on Badminton’s website, where they have both free live streaming and on-demand videos. Townend’s ride is in Part One of the dressage on Day 1, and starts at the 50 minute mark. I love being able to watch these events on demand as my work day doesn’t always allow me to watch the live stream.

Another cool feature of the Badminton website is the interactive tour of the course. It’s almost as good as walking the course yourself.

Badminton XC course
Take a tour of this year’s XC course. Click on any fence for explanations by course designer Eric Winter, descriptions of alternative routes, and more.

As an interesting comparison, Badminton posted the course from 50 years ago. It really lets you see how much the sport has changed over that time. The Cross Country phase of Eventing has seen huge changes over the years, not least the loss of the roads & tracks and the steeplechase phases.

1969 XC Course
As an interesting comparison, check out the course from 1969 courtesy of Badminton’s interactive CrossCountry App providers who have produced a special commemorative version of this course.

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