Equine Ink earns 11th pace in Top 100 Equestrian Blogs for 2019

Top 100 Equestrian Blogs

I was thrilled to read that Equine Ink was named 11th in the top 100 equestrian blogs, a ranking compiled by Feedspot, a webiste that ranks blogs according to search and social metrics.

equine ink ranked 11th
Equine Ink ranked 11th among the top equestrian blogs. What an honor!

I started writing Equine Ink back in 2008, just as a way of finally writing about something I love (I write many technical articles for my clients, but they have nothing to do with horses). Over the years, the blog has received 2,955,521 views and I’ve published 2,979 posts. Who knew that there was so much to say? I’ve really enjoyed writing about Kroni, Freedom and Zelda, and sharing some of the things that I find endlessly fascinating about horses and riding. I’m sure glad so many of you came along for the ride.

One of the most rewarding (and unexpected) things about blogging is the friendships that I’ve made with readers and other bloggers. The horse connection is like a secret handshake, crossing time zones and international borders. I’ve even had the chance to meet a few of you.

When you have a chance, you should check out the other Top 100 sites. There are a few I didn’t know about and I’m looking forward to adding them to my reading list.

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