No Saddle? No Problem

Winnng a race without a saddle

It’s challenging enough to ride in a racing saddle. But in this race, the saddle slipped under the horse’s stomach during the race, leaving the jockey briefly straddling her horse at a full gallop before she managed to pull herself back on. Unbelievably, jockey Elaura Cieslik not only stayed on but won the race at the Salon-de-Provence racecourse in France on the four-year-old, First Wood.

Speaking after the win, Cieslik told Equidia: “I didn’t have time to think about it. One minute I thought I’d fall, the next we were balanced and off again.”

5 thoughts on “No Saddle? No Problem

  1. I’m fascinated the horse didn’t freak out with the saddle flopping around his groin area. Deep respect both to rider and horse.

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