Beating the Heat

Water Horse

With temperatures in the 90s F and heat indices over 100 F, riding is not on the cards. If it’s so hot that merely carrying a few flakes of hay to the pasture makes you feel like a limp dishrag, the most important thing is to keep your horse cool and comfortable.

Zelda gets a shower
Zelda is the only one of the horses who lets me spray her from outside the pasture. I guess that means she’s the smartest.

Our horses live outside, so they stand in their run in sheds when the weather is hot. I try to help them feel cooler by hosing them down regularly, and making sure they have lots of clean, cool water. The trough heats up so quickly that it needs to be emptied and refilled almost daily.

Just in case you were wondering, it’s dangerous to ride, you can use this heat index chart for guidelines. Me, I’m heading for that cute little bay floating in the pool.

When is it dangerous to ride


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