Please don’t eat the flowers!

Please don't eat the flowers

I managed to sneak in a quick ride today, while it was still cool enough that the deerflies were caught off guard. This is a frustrating time of year because it’s so beautiful out, and yet so treacherous. Zelda is very sensitive to biting bugs and can misbehave when they attack.

Zelda and I enjoyed a very pleasant stroll through the exploding selection of summer flowers. I wasn’t in a hurry so I let her “sample” along the way. I

The beautiful summer flowers
I can just imagine Zelda looking at these flowers and trying to decide which one will taste the best.

It was when I was admiring the Queen Anne’s Lace, thinking back to my childhood when I used to pick it for bouquets, that Zelda made her move. In the blink of an eye, several flowers disappeared into her mouth. The moment reminded me of a book I read at my grandparents’ house: “Please don’t eat the Daisies” was written by humorist and playwright Jean Kerr. In that particular story, she was expecting guests and warned her four boys not to make a mess. When her friends arrived, the bouquet on the table was missing the flowers . . . only stalks.

Zelda agrees, you don’t need the blooms. They taste delicious. And of course she would think so. Queen Anne’s lace is also called wild carrot and it’s blooms are completely edible. Although humans might want to dip them in batter and fry them first.



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