When Olympic jumps were HUGE

At the '68 Olympics the fences were 7'3"

At the 1968 summer Olympics in Mexico, the tallest fences were 7’3″. That was back in the “old days” before the maximum heights were lowered. This year featured the largest jumps in any Olympic competition. Imagine then, riding a 14.1″ Connemara-TB cross around that course. Marion Coakes, riding her super pony Stroller, did just that, winning the individual silver medal.

I can’t find a video of her riding the course, but here’s gold medalist Bill Steinkraus riding his amazing horse, Snowbound, in the jump off. It is a breathtaking round.

Here’s a photo of Stroller jumping at the Olympics. Even with the photo evidence it’s hard to imagine.

Marion Coakes and Stroller
The sheer bravery of that pony is mind boggling. He could have easily walked under those fences!

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