Bringing along the next generation of equestrians

Zelda and Lydia

Lydia, the daughter of Curly’s owner, Lindsay, announced about two weeks ago that she was ready to ride Zelda. I believe that Lydia is four. She loves horses and she’s completely fearless.

Zelda loves children
Zelda is a good size and shape to lie on and snuggle up. Especially when she’s starting to grow her winter coat.

Today she got to ride Zelda.

large pony rides
I think Lydia looks pretty secure up there, bareback and all!

Zelda, for all her size and attitude, loves children. Instead of the mischievous glint that she gets in her eye when she’s testing me, when it comes to kids, she’s sweet as pie.

Although she’s not allowed to ride alone until she’s seven, Lydia looked pretty confident way up there without even a saddle. Of course on Curly she’s learning to canter. Even though I’m sure she’d enthusiastically agree to canter on Zelda, I’m not sure I’m brave enough for that!


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