Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping beauties

When I arrived at the barn today, all three horses were sleeping in the sun. They looked so peaceful, I almost didn’t interrupt them, but of course, I had to take photos.

Last night was the first night that felt like winter. The temperatures dropped to 22 degrees and I’m sure that sun felt good.

Curly sleeping
When I first walked down, Curly was flat on her side in the “dead horse” pose. When we were at the last barn, people on the way to the dentist’s office often told the receptionist there was a dead horse in the pasture.
Freedom sleeping
When I first arrived Freedom was standing guard, but he soon lay down close enough to keep an eye on both girls.
Zelda sleeping
I rarely see Zelda sleeping but I definitely woke her up today.
Zelda snuggling

When Zelda stood up to greet me, her coat was warm from the sun and she snuggled up and put her head on my shoulder, still not quite awake.

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