Katharine Morel & Kerry On Eventing Safety Fund

Katharine Morel & Kerry On Eventing Safety Fund

Scott Linklater, the husband of late Canadian eventing rider Katharine Morel has started the Katharine Morel & Kerry On Eventing Safety Fund to raise $250,000 to help horse trials organizers in Canada fit Mim or frangible safety equipment to fences. So far, the GoFundMe campaign has raised $20K.Morel and her mare Kerry On both died following a rotational fall on the cross-country of an intermediate level event in Florida on February 29.

Morel’s husband, Scott Linklater, said the accident should never have happened, and “the worst part is, there is technology that has been invented to prevent exactly this occurrence”. The upgrades needed to help prevent rotational falls is not in use at all facilities or even at all events due to the cost of purchasing it and maintaining it — it costs up to $2500 for every jump they are installed in.

Frangible Pin Technology
The Katharine Morel & Kerry On Eventing Safety Fund is raising money to upgrade fences with frangible technology.

All funds received from the campaign will be held in trust and then distributed directly to event venues throughout Canada to upgrade jumps at the preliminary level and above to include MIM technology. Event organizers and Canada who host EC sanctioned events can submit a proposal for costs to upgrade their jumps.

It may be too late for Kat and Kerry but if the tragic loss of their lives can lead to improved safety in their beloved sport, then maybe we can find a little light in this darkness. Please help us while we try to #KerryOnForKat

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