The Equestrian’s Car – What’s in Yours?

Equestrian's Car

Let’s face it an equestrian’s car is an extension of our barn and our tackroom. In the backseat of my car today is a saddle (no surprise there) and a Saddleright pad. On most days there’s usually a pair of breeches, a spare set of paddock boots and various incarnations of gloves — usually left gloves.

What’s in your car right now?

11 thoughts on “The Equestrian’s Car – What’s in Yours?

  1. I just got a new car so the only horse items in it are my wash bucket which is headed to the barn tomorrow 😂 However, when I cleaned the old car out, there was a set of side reins, a set of braided reins, bit keepers from a micklem, two old saddle pads, a set of polos, spare breeches, boots, spare socks and some misc tack cleaning items 😬 I’m probably missing a lot of other items as well. I also had a lot of spare hoodies and foot warmers.

  2. Well today is a special day. My car is more a barn car today with: 4 lifting straps, a shovel, some cloves, 2 wires with hooks and a small box of various “stuff”. Just a day or so ago it was a full two horse tack room and my boss asked to borrow it to tow a boat …… apparently boaters are more neat 🙂

    1. But your barn is at your house! Boaters just bring a cooler with them. They don’t need all the odds and ends that are essential when you’re participating in a real sport.

  3. My saddle has a permanent, well loved spot in the trunk of my car . . . right next to three smelly saddle pads and a pair of old shocks that need to be taken to the dump 😛

  4. I think the funniest thing I ever heard regarding ‘equestrian’s cars” was that if your trunk was searched by a cop (with a search warrent, hopefully), he’s going to find ‘whips and leather straps”..;-)
    In my truck…I have halters, lead ropes, dog collars, my helmet, a microfiber towel that I haven’t cleaned since using it on a muddy horse, my massage tools (horses only), hoof picks that walked themselves from my grooming kit to the truck, and half of a snaffle bit. I don’t have dogs…my husband is allergic to dogs, but I carry halters and dog collars in case I see a loose horse or a dog. In the latter, at least twice in my life, I’ve found a stray dog..or worse, a dumped one, and to keep it from being killed on the road, I’d stop and pick it up. Each time the dog came right to me, I put the collar on it (a choke chain, they’re far easier to fit to different sized necks) and took him to the animal shelter. That..and a halter, turned upside down, makes a fairly reliable emergency dog harness.

  5. I had to bring a saddle pad home to wash the other day, and had to drive home with all the windows open, gack! I don’t keep those in my car! But buckets and horse treats, always!

  6. My truck is always filled with horse stuff. Today it has a saddle pad, helmet, halter, lead ropes, show bags and up until yesterday a winter blanket. Don’t forget the hairspray but not for me, for the braids in the mane and tail.

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