Horse Life Worries

Horse life worries

Sometimes horse life worries drive me nuts. This week I had to drive back to the barn to make sure I turned off the water (I had). It’s one of those every day things where you just can’t remember if you did it yesterday . . . or today. Same with latching the feed room door, or putting the chain up across the barn door . . . or remembering when you are lying in bed that you forgot to text your hay supplier and tell him you needed hay ASAP (do you dare text at 11 p.m.? or does that make you seem too obsessive?)

I’d like to attribute my forgetfulness to COVID-19 overload and I’m worried that it might be a sign of old age, but when I saw this graphic I realized these were universal horse owner worries and I should probably not worry about the fact that I’m worrying.

What are your worries as a horse owner?

One thought on “Horse Life Worries

  1. Oh, you’ve covered them, Liz. I swear, I’d be half way home from the barn and think, did I shut the gate? And of course, turn around, go back and of course I shut the gate.
    No, this pie chart covers a lot…but not all, of course. Some of mine were:
    He didn’t eat all his grain. Is he colicking? Does he need his teeth floated? Didn’t I have them floated last fall or was it two falls ago?
    Why is he doing that? He’s never done ____(fill in the blank) before. What does it mean? Is he colicking?
    Sometimes I would drive to the gate, saying to myself, shut the gate shut the gate, drive through it, promptly forget that I shut the gate, and again, half way home wondering if I had indeed shut the gate. And it’s not as if I routinely forgot..I forgot ONCE in a five year period, but that was enough for the little Worry Wart in my brain to never let me forget that.

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