Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra Born at Rancine Zoo

Hartmann's Mountain Zebra

Get ready for an overdose of cuteness with this Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra foal, born at the Rancine Zoo (in Rancine, Wisconsin) on Christmas Eve. An incredibly important addition to the dwindling population — there are fewer than 100 Hartman’s mountain zebras in the US and are liisted as “vulnerable” in their native habitats in Southern Africa. The colt is part of the Species Survival Plan for global conservation of the species.

In order to help raise money to support the zebra family, the zoo held a silent action to buy the right to name the new zebra. The winning bid came in at $7,125. The name has not yet been announced and the public will not get to see the new foal until the spring. Until then, the zoo is letting the mother and baby bond in private.

To enjoy some of the footage of the adorable foal, the zoo live-streamed footage during the auction. Enjoy!

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