Beware the Red Frisbee

We’ve had a warm, spring-like week with temperatures in the sixties. People are out, walking, running, riding and . . . playing Frisbee. Zelda has a particular aversion to red Frisbees. They obviously eat horses. Especially black mares. And they fly at you.

You would think that Zelda would be okay with red Frisbees since she wears a red bridle.

Now, Zelda definitely has spring fever. It’s hard to keep her attention focused on me because she’s looking for excuses. And she found them. We have twice run into kids playing Frisbee. The first time I took the “long way” back to the barn, but it didn’t help. She spun. She spooked. She got very tall. She snorted. I decided that it was safer to get off. Maybe not the best decision because my saddle slipped. So then I was stuck with a tall, spinning horse, showing the whites of her eyes, and a saddle that was approaching her belly. For whatever reason, that didn’t bother her.

Eventually, I got the girth undone (who knew how hard it would be to do that with a spinning horse), put the saddle back into place, and we took the short walk back to the barn.

Two days later, the same kids and the same Frisbee sent her into a similar, but slightly less dramatic tailspin. Thankfully, her saddle stayed put this time, too.

I’m hoping that in another week of desensitizing, she will start to look at Frisbees as a potential food source. Then we’ll be all set.

4 thoughts on “Beware the Red Frisbee

  1. Good luck!! I’m sure she remembers a time, back in the Pleistocene, when the little known Woolly Frisbee was known to pick up big black horses and carry them off to be eaten. Alive.

  2. Either that or she remembers when neanderthal hunters threw red frisbees to stun their prey before finishing them off. Zelda with spring fever is always a handful.

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