Dressed for Success

Dressed for Success

This year, with all the rain, the bugs have been terrible and are still going strong. Normally, the deerfly season runs from the beginning of July through early August. I guess this year they didn’t get the memo. Some days, the bugs are so bad that after only a few minutes I turn around and go back. There is no such thing as fly spray that works. I have soaked Zelda in Deep Woods Off and it barely makes a dent in the attacks. I’m planning to take Zelda to a Hunter pace tomorrow so I had to try something difference.

The Bug Armor covers her shoulders and her hindquarters.

Today, we tried the barrier method: Cashel Quiet Ride Bug Armor. Definitely an improvement. There are two sections — the front part attaches to the bridle and covers her neck and chest. The second half covers her hindquarters.

Now she can be dressed for success.

Of course it was also not 95 degrees this morning, so Zelda and I could actually enjoy our ride. Of course, it didn’t stop the biting flies from going after me. Maybe they make a human version.

How do you deal with the flies?

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