A Little Bit of Freedom

Horse hair bracelet

Sending Freedom off to Virginia was a bit traumatic — probably more so for me than for him, as he’s settled in quickly and well. When he was about to leave, I received such a thoughtful gift from my co-op partner (Curly’s Mom) — a bracelet made from Freedom’s tail hair. I have really enjoyed wearing it as I feel like I’m bringing a bit of Freedom along with me.

Freedom’s tail hair is surprisingly dark, given his chestnut coloring.

It’s beautifully braided with a sterling silver medallion with Freedom written on it. Somewhat shockingly, Freedom’s tail hair is quite dark — not at all the chestnut color that I associate with him.

Creating horse hair bracelets has always been a way that people remember their horses. The fact that Freedom is just living away from me (and not dead) for me makes it a more enjoyable to wear. I still have the tail hair my husband collected from Kroni in a box somewhere. After he died, I couldn’t bring myself to open it. In fact, I’m enjoying Freedom’s bracelet so much, I may have one made from Zelda’s tail. Lord knows she has a thicker, longer tail than any two horses I’ve come across.

Freedom’s horse hair bracelet was made by Hoofbeat Designs.

One thought on “A Little Bit of Freedom

  1. I have two, made from my grey Arab Jordan whom I lost in 2003, and Raven, whom I lost in 2019. I had necklaces made, too.
    They mean so much. I have Jordan’s tail, too, stashed away in my memory chest. HOw silly we horseman must appear to non horsey people, but I don’t give a rip.

    They mean so much to us.

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