8 Ways Equine Massage can Improve your Horse’s Performance

I have been sitting around thinking about how much massage could benefit me, when this cool infographic was sent to me by Dave Miller at Clear-Round.com. Dave is a professional Showjumper who searches out interesting products and evaluates them. The only things I would add to his list of benefits is that 1) if you […]

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Too Hot to Ride!

Freedom staying cool

This week has been more than hot. It’s been miserable enough to be a human with access to air conditioning. It’s hard to imagine how the horses feel, dealing with mid-90s temperatures and high humidity when all they have is a run in shed for shade. When is it too hot to ride? For me, […]

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So, are You Going to Ride Again?


Since my accident, I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve been asked whether I plan to ride again. Of course, none of the people who’ve asked me are horse people. To them, the answer is obvious. Why would a freak accident and a couple of fractures keep me from doing something I love? […]

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Hide and Seek

While Freedom always wants to go out for a ride, Zelda can sometimes be a bit difficult to catch. Those are the days I rue the size of her pasture, especially after I’ve walked back and forth several times. Of course, giving up isn’t an option: she can never think that she’s gotten out of […]

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After the Finish with Paul Tapner

It’s a thrill to cross the finish line at an event like Burghley, but rarely do we see what happens once the riders jump off. Follow Paul Tapner and Bonza King of Rouges behind the scenes after they finish their cross country round. It’s a real family affair. The pair finished 19th.

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