Saudi Jockey Club Withholds Cup for Saudi Cup Pending Investigation

Purse held for Saudi Cup pending investigation

Maximum Security may be the unluckiest horse in history. After being DQ’d from the Kentucky Derby, the Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia is now withholding his winnings from the Saudi Cup ($10 million) pending further investigation of his trainer, Jason Servis, who was indicted for doping horses.

Currently, there is no indication that “Max” was doped — the horse has never failed a drug test — but his samples will be retested. Servis was accused of administering a performance-enhancing drug (PED) called SGF-1000 to his horses, including Max. MediVet, one of the manufacturers of SGF-1000 describes the product as a “formulation of amino acids derived from ovine placental extract.” In other words, it’s an extract of sheep placenta.

In Vecta’s product description, it promises that SGF-1000 contains growth factors that will: stimulate the process of sprouting new blood vessels, regenerate damaged livers so a horse is able to produce more energy, accelerate wound healing, and possesses potent anabolic effects on bone growth.

There was no test available for SGF-1000 at the time of the Saudi Cup, but it has likely been developed now that officials know what to test for.

As for Maximum Security? He ran a good race, right to the end. He’ll never know that he didn’t win the Kentucky Derby. And he might not have won the Saudi Cup. It’s not his fault if his connections are crooked. I believe that racehorses know when they cross the finish line first and he gave it his best.

Who would win if Maximum Security is DQ’d for a second time? Champion filly Midnight Bisou, who ran a great race against the boys. So far she’s won $3.7 million and shows no indication of slowing down any time soon.

One thought on “Saudi Jockey Club Withholds Cup for Saudi Cup Pending Investigation

  1. It infuriates me when a trainer (or a rider, or anybody) cheats. Maximum Security ran a good race, and, as you say, horses KNOW when they win. Of course they do…humans merely took a behaviour the horse already had and encouraged it. Just like dressage…

    The people who dope horses must get away with it often enough to keep at it. You’d think that by now they’d have learned. But nooooooooooooooooo

    I must compliment the photographer on the above photo. Seldom have I seen a better one depicting two horses in full gallop.

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