Draft Horse Rescue closed after online harassment

Blue Star Closing

What can you say when animal rights activists, the people who claim to have the best interests of rescue horses at heart, close down a successful rescue by eliminating their major source of fund raising? Congratulations? Seriously, 28 draft horses, many of them retired New York City carriage horses (that PETA likes to say should […]

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Fleeing for their lives

Horses flee Camp Fire

Yet more wildfires are spreading through California, destroying homes and sending people and animals running for their lives. According to Calfire.com, the Camp Fire in Butte County is only 20% contained and has burned more than 100,000 acres. Twenty-three bodies have been found and many more people are missing. A good friend of mine lives […]

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Why I won’t go to Equine Affaire

Equine Affaire

Equine Affaire opened today in Massachusetts. For those of you not familiar with the annual event, EA is an exhibition, trade show, breed show extraordinaire. There are clinics and demonstrations. There are presentations and there is tons and tons of shopping. Springfield, where the event is held, is a shade under two hours away from […]

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It Can Happen to Any Horse


People who have known me for a long time will remember my magnificent Trakehner gelding, Kronefurst. But hardly any knows how close he came to being auctioned off to pay back board. It’s a story worth retelling because it shows you how quickly even a much loved, well bred, sound horse can find himself in […]

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The Rescue Conundrum

LS Black Bear

UPDATE: LS Black Bear was purchased by All The Kings Horses Equine Rescue.  They accept donations on their website. I donated and am glad this horse is safe. All across the country, horses are going through low end auctions, fueled by the threat that the horses will sell to kill buyers and be shipped for […]

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The Road to Recovery after the Lilac Fire

Horse trainer Joe Herrick and Lovely Finish, his filly, who were both burned at the San Luis Rey Downs Training Center in Bonsall on December 7 during the Lilac fire. The trainer lost six other horses in the fire but he and Lovely Finish managed to escape together, although both suffered extensive burns. Herrick says […]

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Do the right thing

One of the things that really bothers me is seeing the old horses that are sent to auction, or placed on Craig’s List ads. You’ve seen those ads. The ones that ask for a “great home” for the horse they’ve “loved” for decades but can no longer care for. Do your old friend a favor. […]

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The Evacuations Continue

  The line of rigs caught in the mirror is a tiny portion of the surreal call to action of horse trailers and trucks, each carrying horsemen willing to run their rigs towards the wildfires only to risk their own lives both in the fires as well as handling as many horses they don’t know, […]

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