The Road to Recovery after the Lilac Fire

Horse trainer Joe Herrick and Lovely Finish, his filly, who were both burned at the San Luis Rey Downs Training Center in Bonsall on December 7 during the Lilac fire. The trainer lost six other horses in the fire but he and Lovely Finish managed to escape together, although both suffered extensive burns. Herrick says he always felt a bond with her, but that this experience made it even stronger. You can see how much the two care about each other. So many horses didn’t make it out, to see her progress in her recovery is inspiring.

Lovely Finish and Joe Herrick
Lovely Finish and her Trainer Joe Herrick survived the Lilac Fire in California but both suffered severe burns.


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  1. What an amazing story! You can see the love between these two. Love that she came back to him when she saw him while running with the loose horses.

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