If your Horse was Human, what Would his Job Be?

What job would your horse have if he was human?
There’s a great post on Facebook right now. Reading how people categorize their horses is quite amusing!

There’s a post on Facebook that I’ve been following all week. I just love the professions that people have come up with for their horses . . . It really highlights the fact that horses have real and distinct personalities.

Here a few of the posts that made me laugh

  • Trophy Wife
  • Personal Trainer & Bikini Model
  • WWE wrestler with a spastic twich from a previous drug problem
  • Professional male cheerleader who really wants to be the captain but gets beat up by all the girls on team.
  • Hall Monitor, making sure everyone stayed in line.
  • School crossing guard!
  • Professional body guard
  • Mo would be an account. Small unassuming and generic.
  • Male model – romance novel covers – ie Fabio.
  • Mud wrestler¬†
  • My bay Polish mare would be a chain-smoking beautician that bites her nails!
  • Drill Sargeant. Everyone must behave appropriately and he’s in charge.
  • My big gelding Tobie would be a paranoid meth head.
  • Elementary Teacher
  • My Kahleesi would be a border patrol agent! She paces the fence so much NO ONE would get through!
  • Soap Opera Star
  • A circus performer. My eventer would live in my basement at age 45 and play a lot of x-box. Old jumper would be a retired stunt pilot that spent a lot of time in a rocking chair with grandkids on his lap.

As for mine, Zelda would make a great Walmart greeter. She is always on the alert when people walk by her pasture, absolutely convinced that they came to meet her and always hopeful that they have treats.

Zelda the Walmart Greeter

Freedom would be a chain smoking poet. Sensitive, high strung and very creative.

cribbing post

What about your horses? What would they be if they were humans? Post photos too!

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