It’s Melting

It's melting
After two weeks of deep freeze and a foot of snow, we’ve had three days of warm weather. Today it was more than 50 degrees. The snow that’s left is deep and wet.
Sun bathing
Freedom’s got his happy face on. He just loves the warmer weather. All the horses were glad when I stripped off their blankets and let them enjoy the fresh air.

Zelda and I went out for one more snow day before the rains come and wash the rest of it away. We’ve enjoyed our days of warmth, although none as much as Freedom. He’s had a blissed out look on his face all week. Can you tell that he really hated the cold weather?

Tomorrow and Saturday we are supposed to have heavy rain. Gotta love New England weather. Then it’s back to freezing temperatures again.

I only got two snow rides in, but they were splendid. In fact, they might be enough to last me until next winter!

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