The Evacuations Continue

Trailers evacuating horses
This image and description from M.J. Redding Equine Horse Transport from Facebook makes me proud to be part of a community where strangers take on the effort and risk to help rescue someone elses horse.


The line of rigs caught in the mirror is a tiny portion of the surreal call to action of horse trailers and trucks, each carrying horsemen willing to run their rigs towards the wildfires only to risk their own lives both in the fires as well as handling as many horses they don’t know, while they are stressed, anxious, and scared making each horse exponentially more dangerous to handle. They do it anyway, and have been nonstop for days and are continuing to work non stop to save as many horses as possible. To include the man credited for taking this photo as he waited in traffic heading to countless barns being evacuated. A close friend as well as part time driver for us, Wyatt Martin, spent the first part of the week in our own truck 2, only to spend what was suppose to be his one day off, before heading home, answering and making endless phone calls with barns to coordinate evacuations. Wyatt, flew out of Logan international just after 9pm EST with his biggest concern being a 6 hour flight cutting off his communication with stressed and scared barn owners and trainers. He landed at LAX at 1am PST and without detour headed immediately to get his truck under a horse trailer and went straight to getting horses loaded. He, just like this image, is just a single piece of this community, and perfectly exemplifies what this way of life is. These are the horsemen, and this is the way of life we are proud to live. This is the horse world. #prayforcalifornia

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