Supplements Made Simple | The Chronicle of the Horse

This is such a wonderful “take” on supplements. I had to laugh out loud. My particular favorites are below, but Freedom could definitely use “Calm the Hell Down”. Be Careful What You Ask For Ideal for the overly-compliant horse who is more interested in pleasing you than saving either of your skins. BCWYAF invokes a […]

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What supplements does your horse need?

Open any tack store catalog or website today and you will find a plethora of supplement options. Is your horse a bit creaky? There are joint supplments for every stage of life and almost every budget. Horse need to gain weight? There are fat supplements promising “cool calories”. Horse a bit exciteable? Not to worry, […]

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A study of one on the benefits of probiotics

Until Freedom was diagnosed with Lyme I hadn’t given much thought to probiotics as a supplement. But dosing him with Doxycyline for six weeks had the potential of causing ulcers . . . or colic. Antibiotics kill off the good bacteria in a horse’s gut and it’s important to replace them. So, off I went […]

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Several years ago I had the idea to build a product review web site for equestrian products. I noticed that equine bulletin boards were full of requests for comments on saddles, different feeds, bit choices and more. I thought it would be helpful to have all that information on one site, organized in a way […]

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Flax Seed: How and why to feed it

I’ve been feeding my horses flax seed (also called linseed) for about a decade. I started with HorseTech’s fabulous products, first with Glanzen, their hoof & coat supplement, then moving onto one with glucosomine in it. I found that feeding a flax-seed based supplement improved their coats so that they glowed. I also liked the […]

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Does oral HA make a difference?

Sodium hyaluronate (HA) is a substance that occurs naturally within the joint and helps to create a cushion between bones and tissues. It’s been used successfully to treat the symptoms of arthritis in horses when injected into the joint, where it acts as a lubricant and mild anti-inflammatory. HA is also used as an IV […]

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How much selenium does a horse need?

Ever since an overdose of selenium killed the polo ponies in Wellington, I’ve seen a lot of posts on forums from people concerned about the selenium levels in their horse’s diets. Selenium is an important and necessary part of a balanced diet. In fact, here in the Northeast, where our soil is selenium deficient, many […]

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