A study of one on the benefits of probiotics

SmartDigest Ultra
One scoop a day of SmartDigest Ultra has helped Freedom gain weight.

Until Freedom was diagnosed with Lyme I hadn’t given much thought to probiotics as a supplement. But dosing him with Doxycyline for six weeks had the potential of causing ulcers . . . or colic. Antibiotics kill off the good bacteria in a horse’s gut and it’s important to replace them.

So, off I went to SmartPak to check the clearance section. It’s my favorite place to purchase any kind of supplement since I don’t care about damaged packaging or other small defects.

Sure enough, they had a large container of SmartDigest Ultra at 50% off. This was a supplement that normally costs $212 for 7.5 pounds! I read the description:

SmartDigest Ultra provides support for the entire gastrointestinal tract, from stomach to hindgut! Its unique formula includes probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, targeted herbs, L-Glutamine, soluble fiber, and Oat Beta Glucan. This innovative combination of ingredients was specially designed to support the health and function of the digestive tract. SmartDigest Ultra is an outstanding choice for any horse prone to digestive upset and those under stress from training, travel and competition.

It had to be the best way to protect Freedom’s delicate digestive system, so I bought it.

He came through his course of antibiotics without any problems and I still had a huge amount of the probiotic in the tub. So I’ve kept feeding it. You actually use only one small scoop per day, so 7.5 pounds lasts a long time.

A few weeks ago, I noticed an unexpected — and positive — side effect. Freedom has gained weight. In the late summer/early fall he had been looking ribby. Now, looking past his furry winter coat, he’s a really good weight! I’m feeding him a bit less that I usually do and he’s holding his weight very nicely, something that’s not always a given during the winter.

So, I guess the probiotics are actually helping his digestive system to get more nutrition from his rations. He’s looking really good too — shiny and healthy.

I wasn’t planning to purchase more when I used up the bucket, but I’m reconsidering. After all, if I find it on sale again, it’s not quite so expensive and I after all, I’m saving money on the rest of his feed.

4 thoughts on “A study of one on the benefits of probiotics

  1. I also used a course of probiotics when my older guy went through Lyme treatment, and he showed no signs of tummy upset during or after the medication. It’s good stuff!

    Years ago when I first tried SmartPak’s senior joint supplement, which had a small amount of probiotics included, my “hard keeper” also started to hold his weight much better. Unexpected, but appreciated!

  2. I’m going to be trying some probiotics and digestive health supplement on Flirt, my TB mare. I’ve had her a month, so plenty of time for her to settle in. Now, it’s time to work on getting her better and healthier! I suspect ulcer issues. 🙁

  3. I feed pre and pro biotics always. It only takes the littlest thing to upset their digestive track. I have been less concerned when my horses spent the day out on good pasture, but I think pens, stalls and dry lots are stressful.

  4. Probiotics can be very helpful in fighting off the side effects of antibiotics, hope your horse is feeling better.

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