Acavallo Seat Saver Review — Gel in or Gel out?

Acavallo Gel in or Gel Out

When I first started riding again after my accident, I expected my ankle to hurt. I worried my knee would hurt. I felt like I had to protect my body. What I didn’t expect was that my seat bones would hurt! Let’s face it, before my accident, my rides were pretty active. My weight was […]

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SafeStyle Stirrups Review

SafeStyle Stirrup

Recently I posted a review of the Acavallo Arena Stirrups, my first foray into modern safety stirrups. The second brand that opted to try are the SafeStyle Stirrups. The SafeStyle stirrups are manufactured in the Netherlands and are a smaller, family-owned business, quite different from a company like Acavallo. There’s a lot to like about […]

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About a month ago, my product review site was hijacked. One of the pages was redirected and used for a phishing scheme. Unfortunately, WordPress sites have increasingly become a target for hackers — it is the most popular CMS for blogs and websites. It took me awhile to figure out how to get rid […]

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From my bit box: Stubben Golden Wings Gag Bit

I was intrigued by this bit because it could be used in so many different configurations. I had read about the “Wonder Bit” that is very similar and this had the advantage of the “wings” which gives you the benefits of a loose ring snaffle without any risk of pinching your horse’s lips. Read my […]

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Saddle Pocket reviewed on Tack Guru

I love my Saddle Pocket. It’s incredibly handy, carries everything I need, and never needs to be cleaned or conditioned. You can read my full review on Tack Guru. Just be forewarned. If you have more than one saddle, you will probably need more than one pocket. Once you get used to having one, you […]

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Corta-Flx offers joint support for short money

I’ve always been leery of oral joint supplements. There’s just so little science behind most of them and they cost so much! They remind me of wrinkle creams (read wrinkle creams and joint supplements) — hope in a bottle! For many years I used Chondroprotec on Kroni. However, although Freedom certainly has some wear and […]

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What’s your favorite kind of snaffle?

Jane at The Literary Horse is a fan of the KK Ultra Loose Ring Snaffle (read the review at Tack Guru). My favorite bit varies..For a while I was using the Myler Triple Barrel Mullen Mouth Snaffle. I also sometimes use the Pee Wee bit which is another mullen mouth design. What about you?  

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Considering a Crown Dressage Bridle? Read this first.

Check out this review on Tack Guru by Jane C. at The Literary Horse if you are thinking about buying a Crown Dressage Bridle. If you’ve tried this bridle chime in and let us know about your experience.

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