2 thoughts on “What’s your favorite kind of snaffle?

  1. Funny that you posted this….I have been on a snaffle hunt this week. I have been riding Tiny in a gag mostly, but I want to get her a working setup in a snaffle. I’m not sure yet which way I’m going. Any recommendations? She’s super bendy and tends to get heavy on the front end. I try to work more on exercises to keep her rolled back on her haunches and also to work on controlling hips more.

  2. I have a similar bit for my guy. I don’t even know the brand! It was a return at the tack store, so no packaging and inexpensive – but exactly what I was looking for. Because he has a small mouth, he needs a thin bit for it to fit comfortably. He’s also one who tends to “chew” with his mouth on his own, and is happier with a bit which moves in his mouth so, thus my desire for loose ring and joints on the mouth piece. He strongly dislikes single jointed bits because of the joint hitting the roof of his mouth – so we have a double jointed loose ring, similar to the one shown. The mare? Has a full cheek single-jointed snaffle. She’s opposite, basically. Prefers a thicker bit, single joint, no movement from the bit. I tend to prefer bits like the KK Ultra on most horses, but sometimes you find one who prefers otherwise.

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