Saddle Pocket reviewed on Tack Guru

I love my Saddle Pocket. It’s incredibly handy, carries everything I need, and never needs to be cleaned or conditioned. You can read my full review on Tack Guru.

Just be forewarned. If you have more than one saddle, you will probably need more than one pocket. Once you get used to having one, you will miss it. If you buy them when they are on Tack of the Day, they are a real bargain!

3 thoughts on “Saddle Pocket reviewed on Tack Guru

  1. Good to know! How is it as far as bouncing around on their side? Did you notice that being an issue at all?

    1. I wondered how my horse would react to it and it didn’t bother him at all. It’s the sound of the Velcro opening that got to him at first. Now, he just ignores it.

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