They weren’t supposed to jump that car

Ralph Coffin jumping his horse over Sylvanus Stokes's Rolls-Royce on Rabbit." Harris & Ewing glass negative.
This 1916 photo shows Ralph Coffin jumping his horse (aptly named Rabbit) over Sylvanus Stokes's Rolls-Royce." Harris & Ewing glass negative.

Sometimes there are cars on course that are designated as jumps.

But for the rider in the video below, shot at European ** Championships at Aston le Walls, that was not the case.

After the rider suffered an equipment malfunction — the bit broke — her horse took off. Instead of avoiding all the jumps, the horse decided to jump a car parked on the course. Kudos to the rider for staying on! Luckily both horse and rider made it back to the barn safely. Apparently the car didn’t fare quite so well and had a few dents in the hood. Explain that to the insurance company.

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