Tick eating Machines

Tick eating machine

I’m starting to feel more kindly toward the turkeys in the field since I’ve discovered they are tick eating machines. Each wild turkey eats up to 200 ticks per day. This evening, when I fed, there were eight adult turkeys in Freedom’s field. That’s 1,600 ticks per day, 11,2000 ticks per week and 48,000 ticks […]

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Deer, Turkeys and Wind — Oh MY!

Deer, turkeys and Wind

The last few days have been challenging, but in different ways: deer, turkeys and wind have made each ride a little more exciting than it had to be. Yesterday, it was the turkeys and the wind. It’s courting season for the wild turkeys and they are everywhere. Poor Freedom, who has always had a turkey […]

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Aliens are invading the pasture

Freedom on alert

When I arrived to feed yesterday, Freedom was on full alert. He barely noticed my arrival, which is unusual around dinner time. I decided to investigate. Freedom followed me until we got to the tree. Then he kept the barrier between himself and “danger.” It didn’t take me long to figure out the problem. Wild […]

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When the turkeys won

Today is not a good day to be a turkey. Actually, being a wild turkey probably isn’t much fun any day — they are certainly at the bottom of the food chain. Except when it comes to horses. Freedom is absolutely and totally terrified of wild turkeys. We encounter flocks of them all the time. […]

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