When the turkeys won

Today is not a good day to be a turkey. Actually, being a wild turkey probably isn’t much fun any day — they are certainly at the bottom of the food chain. Except when it comes to horses.

Freedom is absolutely and totally terrified of wild turkeys. We encounter flocks of them all the time. Large flocks of 20 or 30 sleek birds. I suspect it’s a combination of the size of the flocks and the noise. To him they must seem like huge multi headed beast that could over power him in a flash. And the sounds! A flock of wild turkeys makes a lot of noise. Continuous noise.

The sound of turkeys makes him shake all over. I haven’t asked him to face them down. I think that sometimes the turkeys deserve to win.

One thought on “When the turkeys won

  1. I’m sure a flock of turkeys must be terrifying! My horse who is unphased by fighter jets and bombers flying overhead and taking practice bombing runs, planes of various generations practicing formations over the arena during airshow season, who chases coyotes and tries to get bobcats to play… is terrified of roadrunners. They make strange sounds! I’d guess turkeys would really scare him!

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