Aliens are invading the pasture

Freedom on alert

When I arrived to feed yesterday, Freedom was on full alert. He barely noticed my arrival, which is unusual around dinner time.

Hiding behind a tree
Freedom watched from a safe distance, keeping the tree in between him and the alien invaders.

I decided to investigate.

Freedom followed me until we got to the tree. Then he kept the barrier between himself and “danger.”

It didn’t take me long to figure out the problem. Wild turkeys. A whole mess of them. Freedom has always hated turkeys. He doesn’t mind sharing his pasture with deer. He’s fine with the coyote who walks through. But he draws the line at turkeys. My theory is that he thinks they are one big amorphous creature that moves in funny ways. But who knows?

Wild Turkeys
Wild turkeys had invaded the pasture. There were actually about a dozen of them but I couldn’t get them all in one shot as they kept scattering.

7 thoughts on “Aliens are invading the pasture

  1. Didn’t you know that turkeys are Horse Eating Monsters? Look at them. They have claws. Sharp ones. They keep their upper limbs close like they’re hiding a gun or something. They’re Bipedal. Intelligent. Funny looking clothing…not fur, feathers. The males have bright red wattles and make funny noises. They’re modern day velociraptors and we all know what THEY do!!

  2. How funny! Once I was on a trail ride with another girl and a turkey flew from one tree to another over her head. Her horse freaked out and turned around to run. He didn’t move when he saw my horse standing there like nothing had happened. Not sure if he didn’t see the turkey or is really that unspooky.

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