Happy, Horsey Halloween

Halloween Horse

Here are the costumes that I’d include in my fantasy Halloween Parade. People are so imaginative and I can’t believe that some of the horses put up with these costumes.

giraffe costume
I just love this one! It doesn’t hurt to have a tall, leggy horse.
Little Bo Beep
How did they get the horse to tolerate having that costume assembled?
Poodle Costume
Maybe next year Zelda can be a poodle?
Spider costume
This probably gets the most tolerant pony award. I can just imagine Freedom being surrounded by fake spider legs. We’d be in New Hampshire just about now.
Invisible horse
Now here’s a horse costume you could take out in the neighborhood.
Breyer horse costume
This is the runner up for tolerant pony. Very, very clever! I just wish that Breyer horses came with such good riders!
Fish Costume
Okay, maybe it’s this pony that wins. How did they ever teach him how to be calm inside that fish costume?
Skeleton clip job
I just wish I was talented enough with my clippers. This sure beats a trace clip.

6 thoughts on “Happy, Horsey Halloween

  1. Oh, my god, these are just too funny. Holy cow, that is either a short necked giraffe or a REALLY tall horse…
    Whoever did the clip job deserves a gold medal. Hey, maybe we can get the FEI to have a new competition: clipping. Not only that, the wizard of clippers got all the bones correct!!

    I wish I had that sort of imagination. When I was a kid trick or treating, I always went as a ‘bum’ or a hobo, because I just couldn’t think of what else to be that involved artistic talent or a great imagination!!

    All of these costumes are just so well done. Andwhat I love most is the patient resignation of the horses. I can see it in their eyes. OKAYYYYYYYYYYY whatever, as long as I get carrots.

  2. The giraffe one is just fantastic. I can do a nice trace clip but don’t have the imagination or the talent to attempt something as elaborate. I’ve never been good at costumes but I really enjoy what other people come up with.

  3. The giraffe was a CLIP job? Holy cow. I thought it was just paint. Wow.
    Oh my gosh, I bet the woman was giggling the entire time she was clipping him.

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