It was a dark and stormy night

Dark and stormy night

It should not be snowing, sleeting and this cold on December 2nd. But it is. The horses are warm under their blankets. Zelda was hungry and cranky when I went to feed tonight — Curly is her best friend in the world, but Zelda absolutely terrorizes her at dinner time, especially now that the last […]

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Snowpocalypse 2015

While we didn’t get quite as much snow as predicted — forecasters were making noise about 2-3 feet. We sure got plenty! We woke up to about 18″ of snow this morning and got another 2-3″ throughout the day. I live about a mile from the barn by road and about half a mile if […]

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Blanketing Pros and Cons

Now that the temperatures are dropping, the debate over whether you should or should not blanket your horses in the winter is in full force. Some people start blanketing their horses when the temperatures drop into the 40s at night; others find their horses do fine even when faced with single-digit temperatures. In truth, most […]

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