It was a dark and stormy night

Dark and stormy night

Waiting for dinner
Just as well Zelda has that white blaze, because otherwise she’d disappear into the night. Not that she’d let me forget her dinner. She was hungry!

It should not be snowing, sleeting and this cold on December 2nd. But it is. The horses are warm under their blankets. Zelda was hungry and cranky when I went to feed tonight — Curly is her best friend in the world, but Zelda absolutely terrorizes her at dinner time, especially now that the last of the grass is covered with snow. I guess all that moving around keeps Curly nimble and limber, but Zelda could really benefit from some self restraint.

The horses all got some extra hay tonight to help them keep warm, and extra warm water in their feed to keep them hydrated.

Hay fuels warmth
Hay is fermented in the hindgut, and that fermentation gives off a long-lasting heat. An extra five pounds of hay will raise a horse’s body temperature by 1° Fahrenheit for up to four hours because of the


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