Snowpocalypse 2015

I really spooked the horses when I showed up wearing snowshoes. There was lots of snorting and wild eyed stares!

While we didn’t get quite as much snow as predicted — forecasters were making noise about 2-3 feet. We sure got plenty! We woke up to about 18″ of snow this morning and got another 2-3″ throughout the day. I live about a mile from the barn by road and about half a mile if you go cross country on the trail system.

Hindering my progress to the barn this morning was the driving ban. No cars are allowed on the roads unless you have a sanctioned purpose. I waited for the highly anticipated noon press conference by the Governor, but no luck. Then I hoped that if I called the police station they would sanction the short drive, especially give we have a 4WD truck. But no, there was no leeway there. I explained I had to feed horses, that they were waiting for me. But there was no sympathy. I asked if they would send an emergency vehicle to rescue me if I walked over and became incapacitated. They said they would, so I headed out.

Normally the barn is about a fifteen minute walk from my house. It took me about 45 minutes to slog my way over. Luckily road up to the trailhead was plowed, so I had only the “short” stretch through the woods to get there. I’m not sure my snowshoes helped much: the snow was so fluffy and light that I sank all the way through. And that necessitated many stops along the way to catch my breath, unzip my jacket because I was overheating. Zip up my jacket because I was cold, etc. Good news? I had a helluva workout!

Freedom covered with ice and snow
Freedom was covered with ice and snow. It didn’t bother him at all!

When I got to the barn the horses were fine. Snow? Cold? Doesn’t bother them. Freedom was literally dripping with ice and snow, and was oblivious to it.

Of course, they were terrified of me because I was wearing snowshoes — apparently they turn me into a fire breathing dragon — but the promise of food got them over it. Since it was likely to be there only food-delivery visit today, I left them with plenty of hay and a few candy canes.

Path thru the woods
The path through the woods toward home. It’s usually a short walk, but it seemed very long today

The walk back was better. I’d packed the snow down pretty effectively and didn’t have to stop so much on the way back. The best part was when I got to the road. My husband had brought the snowblower to the end of the street and created a path through the huge snowbank left by the plow. I was so tired by then, and so not looking forward to climbing through/over it again. The last five minutes of the walk were a breeze!

Thank goodness the travel ban will be lifted at midnight tonight. Another day without being able to drive would really try my patience.

8 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse 2015

  1. Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone there today who could feed. We have a co-op barn. The one person who could have thrown them some hay was out plowing roads!

    1. Oh that’s right I remember that yours is a co-op..interesting.That could be very stressful, kudos to you for the snowshoe trek! We sure love our babies, don’t we? 🙂

  2. Your horses sure are lucky! What a workout, I thought I had one digging out this morning but that’s nothing compared to your day lol

  3. Oh my goodness! You are a trooper! Amazing what we will do for these lovely animals of ours! How much snow do you need before they will put a driving ban down? In montana you hear a lot of emergency travel only but Everyone in this state thinks they are invincible and just drives anyways. I can’t think of a time that travel has been banned officially! On that note, you should invest in a snowmobile!! That fluffy snow would have made for a fun ride! Neat story and pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    1. This is the first time since I moved to Boston (about 17 years ago) where we’ve had the roads closed all day. We’ve actually had more snow than this in the past, so it was a bit of surprise that there was such a long ban but maybe the roads were worse than I realized.

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