Riding On-line

Okay, I’ve wasted yet another half hour trying to move out of 24th place on Rossbacher’s horse racing game. I’m stuck on level “B” where I’ve been for the past three weeks. Heck, I’m lucky to finish the darn race, let alone beat another player.

What makes this — and other –online horse games so compelling? To a certain extent it’s the same mentality that makes some equestrians count the “strides” to the next curb, or “jump” shadows in their car. It’s yet another excuse to try out your eye and create an equine filter of the world.

While Rossbacher is my own personal addiction, there are plenty of other time wasters available for the equine set. Now you can simulate your equine environment from the comfort of your computer. Even better, these virtual equines are pretty inexpensive to own and maintain.

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