Horses at Play

When I first got my OTTB, Freedom, I thought that he was a prime candidate for a toy. He has lots of nervous energy and will weave and crib if contained. Of course, my idea of a toy, didn’t correspond with his. He had no interest in jolly balls or stall toys like Lick-its. Instead, I would come and find Freedom and Kroni playing “tug of war” with a piece of hose. Or, find Freedom playing his favorite game: annoying Kroni. His favorite variation on that is to grab Kroni’s blanket (or fly sheet) and pull on it until Kroni kicks out at him in annoyance. Then he dances away and swoops back in for another tug. 

My two boys play pretty hard. It’s not unusual to find them both rearing up and pawing the air, or racing across their pasture kicking and squealing. I’ve come to accept the fact that they will always have chew marks and scratches; luckily, their self-inflicted damage is pretty minor.

Still, I wish they could burn off some of that energy playing with toys, like the horses below! These guys are just having too much fun.

One thought on “Horses at Play

  1. I wish my horse would play with his jolly ball like that one! LOL – it would make me feel better about spending $20 on the stupid thing. 😉

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