Can you train your horse to do this? Jesse Beery’s training secrets.

With Beerys horse training techniques, you can teach your horse this trick.
With Beery's horse training techniques, you can teach your horse this trick.

What a disappointment! I found this great Web site that promises you that you can train your horse and stop bad habits . . . within minutes . . . and the link to request the horse training secrets that more than 300,000 horse owners have used successfully . . . doesn’t work!

Now I will never be able to train my horse to be ridden by a goat.

But, maybe all isn’t lost. The Website says that the techniques described are based on those by Professor Jesse Beery, who made a name for himself as the “go to” trainer of horses in the late 1800s.

Professor Beery and his family lived in Ohio. Growing up on the family farm it emerged that he had a natural aptitude for working with horses. As his skill and reputation grew, he was in great demand as a trainer and — although the didn’t think of it in these terms — clinician. Ultimately, he started a school to help train others in his methodology and then published a series of pamphlets recounting his training methods.

Jesse Beerys horse training books.
Jesse Beery's horse training books.

Well, the Web site might not work, but I did find a place where you can buy e-versions of the original brochures for a mere $9.99. The topics are:

Book 1-Colt Training

  • The All Important Confidence Lesson
  • Teaching “Get Up”
  • Teaching “Whoa”
  • Getting Colt Ready to Drive
  • Overcoming Colt’s Fears

Book 2-Disposition and Subjection

  • How to Tell Types 1 to 4
  • How to Tell Combinations of Types
  • How to Handle Horses According to Their Dispositions
  • How to Give Subjection

Book 3-Kicking and Balking

  • How to Handle Kickers of Types 2,3, and 4
  • How to Handle Kickers of Mixed Types
  • Curing Balkers of Different Types

Book 4-Shying and Running Away

  • How to Handle an Ordinary Shyer
  • How to Cure a Confirmed Shyer
  • Teaching the Command, “Steady”
  • How to Break Habit of Running Away

Book 5-Bad to Shoe & Halter Pulling

  • How to Make Colt Gentle to Shoe
  • How to Handle a Horse Bad to Shoe
  • How to Break a “Halter Puller”
  • Final Test for the Strap Breaker
  • The Handling of Broncos

Book 6-Miscellaneous Habits

  • How to Cure Fear of Umbrellas
  • The Horse That Won’t Stand Still
  • How to Break Habit of Biting
  • How to Treat the Bit Lugger
  • How to Break Horse Bad to Saddle
  • How to Break Habit of Bucking

Book 7-Pony Training and Special Fears

  • Pony Training
  • Fear of Cars and Motorcycles
  • Throwing Pony While Standing at His Side
  • Training of Other AnimalsThe Story of Kate and Queen

Book 8-Teaching Tricks to Horses and Dogs

  • How to Teach Horse to Say “Yes” and “No”
  • How to Teach a Horse to Jump
  • How to Teach a Horse to Count, Tell Age, etc.
  • How to Teach Various Other Tricks
  • How I Trained My Trick Dog, Snow White

I will report back when I’ve got my dog riding my horse. Then I’ll graduate to the goat, even if I have to borrow one.

3 thoughts on “Can you train your horse to do this? Jesse Beery’s training secrets.

  1. LOL! I saw this training system being advertised in horse magazines when I was a kid in the 1970’s. I just knew if I had the money, I could train horses too!
    And I never got the money to buy the x-ray glasses or the garlic chewing gum either. Skunked again!

  2. I have, in my posession, a book called The Thourobreds, written by Jesse Berry. this book is fictional, but it does contain a few tips on how this racing Thourobred , sired by the Great Hanover, raced and was trained. Now my question is this

    There is a 1912 Copyrite on one of the front pages of this book. I have searched the web to see if any book seller knows of this book. So far I have come up empty. Can I assume then that this is the only book available? How much would this book be worth?

    your site is the only site I have found with a comment box, so thats why I am emailing you.

    The book is hardcover and in very good shape. the pages are not yellowed with age

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